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Welcome to IsPalPedia,
The definitive source on the Israel-Palestine Conlfict.
980 articles

IsPalPedia is the new definitive source on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

IsPalPedia has two goals:

1. Educating the public about the Israel-Palestine conflict in a venue free of Israeli propaganda or Hasbara.

2. Providing a central repository of information for pro-Palestine activists. Currently useful and relevant data, statistics, histories, etc. are spread across the websites of dozens of fantastic organizations. Optimally this information should all be accessible in one place. IsPalPedia asks you to help us make that a reality.

IsPalPedia is currently in an early phase, therefore the number of accounts with editing privileges will be limited and restricted to individuals with proven knowledge on the issues. To request editing privileges create an account using either your real name or the name of the institution you work for; then contact us on either our twitter account @IsPalPedia or through our facebook page:

Furthermore at this point in time that vast majority of articles have been directly imported from Wikipedia. As a result they are not yet an improvement over Wikipedia.

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